Treffen in Spa

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Treffen in Spa

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To all Mustang drivers, wherever you are,

On 7 September 2019, we celebrated the 55 th Mustang birthday with a smashing Mustang Parade
World Record (1326 Mustangs) at the Ford Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium.
For those who missed it, have a look:

2min 45sec:

In 2024, Ford Belgium celebrates Mustang 60 .
Not a world record attempt but to make it memorable, we go for Saturday June 29, to the racetrack
of Spa-Francorchamps, where we will experience the most spectacular race of the year in Belgium:
the 24 Hours of Spa, also celebrating a major birthday, 100 years!
We hope to meet as many Mustang drivers as possible, from all over Europe, for the following
 The new Mustang GT3 in the 24Hrs race.
 Meet & greet with one of the Mustang GT3 drivers .
 Several new Mustang GT4 racing in Europe for the very first time, before the 24 Hours race.
 The new Mustang GTD on display.
 A special “Mustang 60 Parking” for the first 300 Mustangs, very close to the track.
 The 7 generations of Mustang on display, at the Mustang 60 Parking.
 Mustang 60 T-shirt, a cap and numbered sticker , included in the Mustang 60 Pack we offer to
Mustang drivers and their passengers.
 All Mustang participants wearing Mustang 60 uniform (T-shirt and Cap) at the event.
 Ford Mustang merchandise shop at the event
 Pictures with all the Mustang participants in Mustang 60 uniform, at several places at the event.
 All the Mustang 60 event pictures sent to the participating Mustang drivers.
 Participating Mustang owners will make a chance to win special prizes.​
With help from SRO, the company organizing the Crowdstrike 24 Hours of Spa , we have managed to
create a special Mustang 60 Pack @ a very interesting price, for Mustang drivers only . It includes:
 Special Mustang 60 parking, for your Mustang if you are one of the first 300*
 A special price for General Entrance + Paddock, per person in your Mustang
 A special price for the Mustang 60 T-shirt and Cap, per person in your Mustang
Example: PACK PRICE FOR ONE CAR, TWO PEOPLE: €215 instead of €293
Do you want to be part of this celebration, on Saturday June 29?
Via this link you will find the form to complete for each Mustang coming to the event, with max 4
people in each car. You will receive a confirmation a soon as you have fulfilled the process.
And remember, the Mustang 60 parking is only for the first 300 Mustangs !
First in, first served!
Once the 300 special parking spaces are fully booked, the Mustang 60 Pack will still be available, and
the price for the Mustang 60 Pack will slightly drop, but you will have to manage your parking onsite
by yourself , at higher cost. So hurry up and make sure to be among the 300!
For registration and practical details:
See you on the world's most beautiful race track for a great Mustang bath!
Best regards,

Jo Declercq
Director Communications & Public Affairs
Belgium - Luxemburg - Lommel Proving Ground
Ford Motor Company (Belgium) nv/sa
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